Photography enriches our lives in many ways, it is a source of great art, lots of great imagery has been captured throughout the century, photography has also given us inspiring thoughts. Enjoy....... ;o)


Fine Art


Lejonhona  Nala
Lejonhona Nala
Sunset at Kariega/Eastern Cape South Africa
Lejonhona i skugga
Lejonhona i skugga
Giraff at Kariega
"What's Up"
The fallow Deer (Nämdö, Sweden)
Moose with calves (Sweden)
European goldfinch (Sweden)
European pied flycatcher (Sweden)
Enzo (1997-2015)
Roe Deer (Sweden)
Hawfinch (Sweden)
Who's there...
Eurasian bullfinch (Sweden)

Kayamandi/Western Cape/SA


Gunters Frog
No 17
No 12
No 14
No 15
No 16
No 18
No 19
No 20
No 21
No 22
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No 6
No 7
No 8
No 9
No 10
No 11
No 23
Laughing Grass snake

People and Portrait

Kayamandi Boy (SA)
Ama Zink Girl (Kayamandi SA)
Ama Zink Singer (Kayamandi SA)
The man on the beach
Township Man (Kayamandi, SA)
Hunter (Sweden)


Bag Lady New York
The Artist
Construction (New York)
Central Station (Copenhagen)
Fjällgatan (Stockholm)
Downtown (Stockholm)
Helsinki (Finland)
Love (Stockholm)
Free Time (New York)
Dark Side (New York)
Poor and Rich (New York)
Chess player (New York)
Reading (Hyde Park, London)
Street Business (New York)
Times Square (New York)
Delivery (New York)
Flatiron Building (New York)
Strawberry Field (Central Park NY)
Odd Architecture (New York)
Yellow Cab
Early Morning Central Park (New York)
Hudson Bay (New York)
Sales guy (New York)
Solitude (self-portrait, Poland)
Slussen (Stockholm)
City Bird (New York)
Lower Manhattan (New York)
Slow business (New York)
Underground (Stockholm)
Città di Castello (Italy)
Young Chessplayers (Marostica, Italy)
The Piano Player (Italy)


Blue Crane II
Blue Crane hurry
Black Swan
 Black-winged Kite 13 jan 2020-2
Sunbird 1 febr 2020-2
Pelican 1 febr 2020-5
Sunbird 1 febr 2020
Liten fågel
3_5 jan 2020-21
Spotted thick-knee
Vitöga fågel
Pingvin 23 jan 2020-2
Vävarfågel unge

City and Architecture

Tivoli (Copenhagen)
Mandela (Cape Town SA)
The Cloud (Cape Town SA)
Fjällgatan (Stockholm)
Humlegården (Stockholm)
Sunset Stockholm
Downtown South (Stockholm)
Slussen (Stockholm)
Hotel CPH (Denmark)
Gdansk (Poland)
Verona (Italy)
Nyhavn (Copenhagen)


Fällström mot Ingaröfjärden en kall vinterdag
Morgonljus i gammelskogen
Cape Peninsula National Park (SA)
Baggensstäket (Stockholm)
Seaside M6 (SA)
Cape Point II (SA)
Seals at Cape Point (SA)
Sunset II Cape Town (SA)
Countryside Western Cape (SA)
Sunset Arabic Sea (Dubai)
Cape Point (South Africa)
Sunset Cape Town
Lillängsdal (Stockholm Archipelago)
Mödomen (Stockholm Archipelago)
M6 to Cape Town (SA)
Island in Stockholm Archipelago
Vinga Lighthouse (Sweden)
Ålstol Island (Sweden)
Gilleleje (Denmark)
Gilleleje 2 (Denmark)

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